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Up Close: Meet the SNMA Headquarters Staff

Posted By Cynthia Bell, Thursday, March 17, 2016
  The Student National Medical Association's (SNMA) National Headquarters (HQ) building is centrally located on Georgia Avenue, in the heart of Northwest Washington, DC, equidistant to the White House and the National Institutes of Health. The HQ staff members play pivotal roles in the execution of the daily operations of the SNMA. Although the HQ staff work tirelessly and consistently throughout the year, much of the work they do occurs behind the scenes. Furthermore, as a result of their many years spent working for the SNMA, they have a wealth of institutional knowledge, having seen the SNMA change and grow over the years. In the coming month the Internal Affairs Committee will be highlighting members of the HQ staff, providing their background and perspective. We hope these snippets will offer more insight into the inner workings of SNMA and the people who help to make it all possible.

Annette McLane

Annette McLane is the Associate Director of Programs and Conference Services. The current breath and scope of the Annual Medical Education Conference (AMEC), as well as its growing popularity and attendance, keep Ms. McLane very busy. Her full-time responsibilities include staging and directing the onsite management of the annual conference and working with the rest of the staff to organize the quality programming that many of us enjoy each year. She also helps to organize and manage quarterly National Leadership Institutes and Board of Directors meetings.

Mrs. McLane has been part of the SNMA for 25 years, initially working as a consultant, managing the AMEC in 1991 before becoming employed first as Executive Director. She subsequently took on several other roles, before accepting her current position. During that time, she has seen the SNMA go through many transitions, including the monumental effort to purchase and move into the National Headquarters building in 2000. One of the challenges for all the staff each year, she says, has been, and continues to be, the annual change in Board leadership. Another challenge, is maintaining a consistent and sound financial base. However, despite these challenges she remains motivated by all that the SNMA has to offer. She states:

"As a non-profit, we have no commodity to sell, no tangible product … no books or widgets, no toasters to give to new members. We have to entice members and supporters with an idea, with our mission. What we have to sell is LOVE. We sell love through the administration of our community service protocols and the learning and camaraderie enjoyed at AMEC each year. Progressively, we promote a vision that quality healthcare can be made a reality available to everyone and that students of color can and will become the best healthcare professionals in the world.”

This is a dedication, a drive and a goal that all SNMA members can emulate and share. Her commitment to the SNMA is rooted in an ideal that we should all strive for: Pay it forward.

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National Chair and President Reflect on Successful Year

Posted By Cynthia Bell, Thursday, April 2, 2015

Brittney Phillips 

Brittney Phillips Reflects on SNMA Accomplishments and What the Future Holds

It is truly a bittersweet feeling to have my term come to a close as National Chairperson. I’m really going to miss working with this board next year and appreciate the wealth of knowledge and experiences that serving as chair has brought me this year.  I am however, really excited to see what the new administration will bring the organization and am confident that SNMA is left in more than capable hands.  

Serving this year during the 50th anniversary of the SNMA and witnessing the 50th Founders Day Celebration and the I Heart SNMA Campaign simultaneously at chapters across the nation has me still in awe of the talents and power of our membership. I am so proud of what we have accomplished over the last 50 years and am eager to see what comes in the next 50.

Your board has worked hard all year to make the SNMA a better place than when we started a year ago.  One thing we accomplished is incorporating new board training modules into the National Leadership Institutes so that we are more prepared and better capable to serve both now and in the future. We also are completing a series of technological innovations, which have provided chapters with official email addresses and will speed up the process of documentation and day-to-day workings of the organization.

Additionally, we increased our social media presence on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in order to stay connected with our members across the country. We love hearing from members and if you see any of us at AMEC feel free to say hi and share any comments, questions, or suggestions that you may have.  

It has been a pleasure serving you this year! Enjoy AMEC and celebrate the end of another successful administrative year!


National President Prepares SNMA to Serve a Diverse Community

 "Wow, I really did it! And I think I did a decent job too!” These are some of my thoughts during AMEC 2015.

 My dream of being the National President manifested itself three years ago during AMEC 2012 in Atlanta. I vividly recall watching the then Board of Directors taking pictures and celebrating the completion of a successful year. I remember seeing past National President Michael Knight being congratulated on executing a phenomenal conference and triumphant programmatic year. I remember thinking "Hmmm, I wonder if I could do that?” Fast forward to the 50th Anniversary AMEC 2014 where I was so blessed to have been installed as the "Royal President” by Princess A.K. Ocansey of Ghana. What an experience!

As National President, I wanted to dispel the notion that the SNMA is simply "The black people club.” At my own institution and many SNMA chapters struggle to attract non-African American members interested in the good work we do in advocacy, service and pipeline programs. My desire was to use technology and social media to propel the SNMA mission to more than just our own membership.

I am very proud of our service to the underserved and felt more people should know about it. I wanted to celebrate the programs that were already created and liked to think that there is a treasure chest of excellent programming from past administrations and if I could revitalize one it would be a testament to the work that has been done in the previous 50 years.

Lastly, I focused on SNMA’s celebration of 50 years of diversifying the face of medicine and my administration launching SNMA into the next 50 years. Watching SNMA’s 50th year historical review, I considered how the organization would be remember the next 50 years. I developed a Back 2 the Future executive agenda that would keep our mission at the forefront. I chose the LGBT and Immigrant/Refugee population and from another angle of marginalized groups, I couldn’t ignore the lack of minority men in medicine. In prior administrations the Brotherhood Alliance for Science Education (BASE) was born although only being done at a few medical schools. My goal was for the SNMA to revisit this program, partner with the institutions successfully running BASE to develop an updated curriculum that chapters nationwide could implement through our pipeline initiative.

Lastly, I wanted to improve the use of social media. Our members were not only on Facebook, but on Twitter and Instagram, but I wanted to attract non-members, such as other organizations, potential sponsors, and future supporters of the SNMA by displaying our work. Internally, we encouraged the board and members to use Your Membership to create member profiles and targeted messages were sent specific member categories. We launched the SNMA’s Instagram page, showcasing our dedication to service on Founders Day and national day of service where chapters shared pictures serving underserved communities. That was great!

Lastly, I wanted to reach the membership on a more day-to-day basis so through Twitter I have constantly engaged members about what was going on in 160 characters or less. My @SNMANatlPrez account has increased in followers over 12% is getting the attention of other doctors, organizations and more members. Emphasis on marketing communications that supports our vision has increased visibility for the SNMA. The Grand Rounds Blog has provided the BOD and members with a sounding board to share more of their roles and the projects.

I am so blessed for a forward thinking vision in which the membership supported through the execution of the programs set forth this year. Hopefully, some of the strides will continue in coming years. My goal was to make the SNMA better than when I found it and I think it is a fair statement to say this goal was accomplished.


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AMEC Registration Extended to February 28th

Posted By Cynthia Bell, Friday, February 13, 2015

The deadline to register for the SNMA’s annual conference, AMEC, in New Orleans has been extended to Saturday February 28th. So register today! Late fees will begin on March 1 and the the last day for online AMEC registration is March 8th.

To ensure the AMEC group discount rate at The Hyatt Regency Hotel, make your reservation by March 6th.

This year’s conference has something for everyone – renowned speakers, medical education, exhibits, community service, mentoring, networking and lot of fun. Click here to view the 2015 AMEC video. “Unsilencing the Unheard and the Underserved” is the AMEC 2015 theme that will explore the health disparities of LBGT, immigrant/refugee health, and the lack of minority men entering the field of medicine that has reached a crisis level. 

Look for upcoming “Grand Rounds” containing more information about member benefits, SNMA programs, alumni activities and much more. If you have an idea for “Grand Rounds,” email

Friend us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.



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AMEC Early Bird Registration Ends on November 30th

Posted By Convention Planning Co-Chairs, Monday, November 17, 2014


Thanksgiving holidays are coming, but don’t sleep-in and miss the November 30th deadline for your chance to register early for AMEC 2015, taking advantage of the Early Bird discounts that are available at all levels of registration for the conference.  As you know, the conference will be held April 1-5, 2015 in “The Big Easy,” New Orleans, Louisiana. 

“Unsilencing the Unheard and the Underserved” is the theme for AMEC 2015, looking at health disparities of LBGT, Immigrant/Refugee Health and the crisis of the lack of minority men entering the field of medicine.  With the focus on SNMA’s mission "... to increase the number of clinically excellent, socially conscious and culturally competent physicians," AMEC 2015 will educate and empower future physicians to deal more effectively with the healthcare needs of these marginalized groups and provide insights for how they can better serve all populations in the future. 

Don’t miss out on all that AMEC has to offer and the promise of lots of fun in “Naw’lins.” Click here to learn more and to register for AMEC 2015.  Or, email SNMA Headquarters at

Look for upcoming “Grand Rounds” containing more information about member benefits, SNMA programs, alumni activities and much more. If you have an idea for “Grand Rounds,” email

Friend us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

Submitted by Markeiya Polite and Joseph Gallien, Convention Planning Co-Chairs of the SNMMA Board of Directors



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