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Why join the SNMA? For more than fifty years, SNMA has been the leading organization in promoting increased enrollment and retention of minority medical students. Our signature pipeline programs are designed to ensure that future generations of medical graduates are not only diverse, but culturally competent.

SNMA plays a vital role in continuing to fill the ranks of professionals equipped to address healthcare concerns. SNMA's dedication to producing diverse and culturally competent physicians fuels its service to medically underserved communities. These communities may currently constitute the minority of the overall population but make up the majority of individuals struggling to maintain good health. Our service programs seek to positively affect major healthcare threats to these communities.

Your involvement empowers our organization to continue implementing programs that will diversify medicine and, as a result, benefit underserved communities and society at large. As a student association, SNMA relies upon the passion of its membership to perpetuate and strengthen its efforts. Are you interested in being a part of the SNMA mission?

Membership Types

All medical students, pre-medical students, residents, physicians, and other supporters of the mission and vision of SNMA are invited to join us in our efforts to impact the community and support medical students of color. There are several SNMA Membership categories.

  • Active Membership: For students matriculating to allopathic and osteopathic medical programs. Represents the core of the SNMA membership body.
  • Associate Membership: For pre-medical students and those students involved in health-related studies.
  • Physician/Patron Membership: For practicing physicians who have a continuing interest in issues and programs that affect medical education and the delivery of health care to underserved populations.
  • Institutional Membership: For allied professionals, including community service workers, teachers, government officers and others who may wish to receive our publications and other communications. This category also applies to academic institutions and other nonprofit entities.
  • Corporate Membership: For corporate enterprises and businesses that wish to support the programs and initiatives of the SNMA.


Join the SNMA Today!

Become a part of the nation’s oldest and largest independent, student-run organization and help to continue diversifing the face of medicine.


Membership Dues

  • Active Membership:
    • Life: $313.50
    • 4-year: $104.70
    • 1-year (continuing): $31.65
  • Associate Membership:
    • Life: $313.50
    • 2-year: $36.85
    • 1-year: $26.50
  • Physician/Patron Membership:
    • Life: $626.70
    • 1-year: $52.50
  • Institutional Membership:
    • 1-year: $261.30
  • Corporate Membership:
    • 1-year: $507.65