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Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs committee was established to develop and maintain SNMA resources designed to assist the general membership in their educational endeavors. Since the “S” in SNMA stands for Student, we work to ensure that you have the opportunities and tools needed to succeed during medical school. We achieve this goal by keeping the membership updated on changes made in medical education nationally including but not limited to the implementation of the 2020 Single Accreditation GME merger, changes within USMLE and COMLEX testing, and new updates on The MATCH process.  Academic Affairs also maintains a resource handbook of internship, fellowship/research opportunities, research electives, and scholarships. 


This 2020-2021 academic year, we aim to help our members stay connected during and expand our partnerships with companies providing excellent academic resources. We hope to ease the financial burden of purchasing study materials while simultaneously exposing members to resources that will assist them in achieving their greatest academic potential. Throughout the year, we will host regular webinars on research opportunities, mentorship and the residency application process. In addition, we will continue revamping specialty interest groups to foster connection between the SNMA and the National Medical Association (NMA), facilitating a sharing of knowledge and guidance between medical students and physicians. Finally, we're curating a safe and inclusive mental health platform to provide insight into the struggles our members face, offering encouragement and resources for those who need them.



If you are interested in learning more about our initiatives or helping implement them, we charge you to join the Academic Affairs committee!




Academic Affairs Co-Chair
MD Candidate
University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

Tiffany Morton

Academic Affairs Co-Chair
MD Candidate
The Ohio State University College of Medicine


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