Alumni Affairs Committee
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Alumni Affairs

The Alumni Affairs committee was established to develop and maintain an exchange of information and support between current members of the SNMA and between past members, SNMA Alumni.  Since the “S” in SNMA stands for Student, we work to ensure that you have networking opportunities and tools needed to expose you to different specialty careers during medical school. We achieve this goal by hosting specialty specific panel discussions, highlighting SNMA alumni on our social media platforms, and coordinating networking opportunities annually at the Association of Medical Education Conference.

This 2020-2021 academic year, we aim to help our members stay connected with alumni during COVID-19. We hope to ease the burden of specialty research by providing multiple avenues for members to be exposed to different specialty careers. This summer, we will continue to host the weekly Sowing the Seeds Campaign, in which we host a different specialty panel discussion each week with medical providers. In addition, we will continue revamping specialty interest groups to foster connection between the SNMA and the National Medical Association (NMA), facilitating a sharing of knowledge and guidance between medical students and physicians.

If you are interested in learning more about our initiatives or helping implement them, we employ you to join the Alumni Affairs committee!


Committee Leadership


Establish and maintain a mechanism for exchange of information and support between past members (SNMA "alumni") and current members of the SNMA.

Announcements & Resources

Tune in every Wednesday at 8 pm EST during the summer on Facebook to listen to alumni from various specialties share their experiences and provide words of wisdom.