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Over 170 SNMA and 240 MAPS chapters are established at medical schools and undergraduate institutions around the nation. Official SNMA and MAPS chapters are recognized by national SNMA by annual chapter renewal.

Local chapters are the backbone of SNMA. Each year chapters perform phenomenal community service projects for their surrounding communities.

SNMA chapters are comprised of national dues- paying, active members. Chapters elect local officers that drive their chapter activities. Presidential initiatives and national protocols help guide chapter members in their community service, educational, and career promotion efforts throughout the year.

MAPS chapters are comprised of national dues- paying associate members. MAPS chapters are run by local officers and are focused on sharing resources that promote admissions into medical school. MAPS chapters may be hosted by SNMA chapters, who serve as mentors to MAPS chapter members. The National Pre-medical Board Member's initiatives help guide MAPS chapter activities during the year.

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