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The Student National Medical Association holds medical education and leadership conferences nationwide throughout the year at both the national and regional levels. In an effort to provide our members with an exclusive experience in leadership, National Leadership Institutes (NLIs) are held every quarter in conjunction with a Board of Directors meeting. Members and officers are trained in transferable skills that are applicable in future leadership positions. NLI workshops include medicine, business, management, and programming.

The Annual Medical Education Conference (AMEC) is SNMA's premier event where 2200 medical and pre-medical students gather at the nation's most diverse medical education conference.

These events support the SNMA President's Executive Agenda each year by featuring programming that focus on strategic objectives for the year and which are aimed to support the mission of the SNMA. Please continue to visit our site, as these events unfold!

Each of the ten SNMA Regions holds its own annual meeting. Some regions also host separate Pre-medical (or MAPS) meetings and Leadership Institutes.

Upcoming Regional Events.