Osteopathic Committee
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Osteopathic Schools

There are thousands of SNMA members and many of them attend Osteopathic medical schools. Across the nation, over 33 D.O. schools train students and promote the 4 Tenets of Osteopathic Medicine. Are you a MAPS member interested in applying to a D.O. medical school? Are you a MD medical school student but are curious about the D.O. medical school experience? Check out this quick video to learn some of the great aspects of Osteopathic Medical Schools and the students that attend them.

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Announcements & Resources

Are you an SNMA chapter at an osteopathic medical school having an event? If so, email us at osteopathic@snma.org so that we can post it here and on our other social media sites for the SNMA Osteopathic Committee.