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The Student National Medical Association works through its regions and local chapters to implement programs that address many important issues in medical education and underserved communities. SNMA members implement innovative programs nationwide to address health disparities. All local, regional and national activities reflect SNMA’s three-part mission.

Mission Focused

Supports current and future underrepresented minority medical students through our Pipeline Programs.

Outreach and recruitment to the medical field is provided to students from grammar school through college via our Minority Association of Pre-medical Students (MAPS) initiative and associated programs aimed at introducing undergraduates to the field of medicine. MAPS is a broad and extensive component of SNMA’s programming. Through MAPS, we provide academic resources to help influence the retention of underrepresented minority medical students for successful completion of a rigorous medical education curriculum.

Addresses the needs of underserved communities through community outreach.
Through our community service protocols SNMA chapters, regions, and national officers reach out to populations in need. These programs include violence prevention, international health, health maintenance and screening, substance abuse, and health advocacy. We are committed to training our members to recognize and address health disparities.

Seeks to increase the number of clinically excellent, culturally competent, and socially conscious physicians through career development, leadership and advocacy initiatives.
SNMA's recruitment efforts, academic resources, research opportunities and community programs are a testament to SNMA's commitment to ensuring a diverse physician workforce in medical education, research and public health.

SNMA’s programming is managed by SNMA elected officers
and appointed National Committees.

SNMA is “Diversifying the Face of Medicine.”

pipeline programs

The need for more physicians of color to serve in underrepresented communities has become more apparent as health disparities have increased between ethnic groups. Recent studies indicate that physicians of color are more likely to serve in communities with these disparities. Read More

community outreach programs

SNMA focuses on community outreach to fulfill its mission to not only nurture and support the academic enrichment of its members, but also to serve communities in a real and proactive way. Our outreach programs concentrate on educating and empowering local communities to make healthy lifestyle choices. We continually pilot and implement community service programs following National Protocols. Protocols that were created to guide our efforts to directly serve minority communities through health education and screening programs. Regions and chapters adhere to these National Protocols to educate young and old as SNMA fulfills its commitment to reduce morbidity and mortality in underserved communities. Read More...

career development, leadership and advocacy

Seeking always to enrich the exposure and experience of our emerging physicians, SNMA conducts several unique initiatives aimed at preparing new leaders and enriching their standard educational experience. Our initiatives include: