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Future Leadership Project


The Future Leadership Project (FLP) is a programmatic initiative that recruits and mentors the next generation of SNMA leaders. Through fellowships within the SNMA structure, the FLP mentors and develops national, regional and chapter leaders. SNMA members are selected for the program through an application process each year. Twenty FLP Fellows gain leadership skills by shadowing, SNMA officers, participating in national and regional programming, and obtaining a more in-depth knowledge about the inner-workings of the SNMA organization.

FLP Fellows can:


  • Develop leadership skills and gain proficiency project development.
  • Participate in periodic webinar presentations on SNMA-specific topics and leadership.
  • Engage in a regional leadership projects in a specific area of interest.
  • Receive mentoring from SNMA national and regional officers.
  • Receive coaching on how to attain leadership roles in SNMA at the chapter, regional, and/or national levels.


2016-2017 FLP Fellows

  • Region I - Rebekah Rogers
  • Region II - Joyce Jones
  • Region III - Sasha Ray
  • Region IV - Adib Rushdan, Bridgette Fountain, Chidimma Acholonu, Jermaine Robinson
  • Region VI - Marika Tate
  • Region IX - Allyn Toles
  • Region X - James Stewart