Publications Committee
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publications Committee

Enjoy reading/writing? Got interviewing skills? Want to bring stories to life? Can you edit videos/articles? Got creative ideas to bolster SNMA's social media presence? Want to critique journal submissions? Then you've come to the right place! We have several, creative projects to suit the unique talents and interests of our members, including the SNMA Pulse, Your Story Matters, Residency Guide, and JSNMA. Joining our committee can help to enhance your skills, strengthen your resume, and establish an opportunity to work alongside other committed individuals striving to make a difference. So join the Publications Committee today and become an instrumental part of this year's theme: Embracing the Diversity of the SNMA!!

Committee Leadership


Serve as the primary literary body responsible for written distribution of information throughout the SNMA via the Journal of the Student National Medical Association as well as other official SNMA web-based and print publications in order to highlight the scholarly work of our members and increase awareness throughout the SNMA.

Announcements & Resources

JSNMA is the flagship publication of the Student National Medical Association (SNMA), reaching over 8,000 student health professionals, physicians, deans, and executives. As the voice of the SNMA, it serves as an educational, outreach tool that encourages scholarship and creativity amongst upcoming doctors and researchers. JSNMA maintains a quarterly publication calendar with interim content updates providing real-time access to news and information. The journal topics include: medical education, research, health advocacy, career opportunities, community outreach, and cultural competency.

Members view the most recent JSNMA issue for FREE, HERE