Region II Research Resources
My name is Alexander W. Worix, and I am very excited to be your 2019-2020 Regional Research Liaison, as I believe research is such an essential part to our medical education. It is one thing to study from textbooks/lectures/videos, but it is another thing to actually play a role in creating medical knowledge. Not only do we need representation of underrepresented groups in the clinical aspect of medicine but it is in high demand for physician scientists as well. This is why it is my duty to make sure everyone is aware of the vast amount of research opportunities offered around this nation. 

To carry out this responsibility I have generated a database (made by google sheets) that consists of research opportunities for undergraduate, medical, and post-doctoral students. I have already populated the database with multiple opportunities for medical students. As I will keep an eye out for more opportunities, I will continue to update the database. To my MAPS chapters and post-doctoral students, please bare with me as I will continue to populate the database with more opportunities as soon as I can. In addition, if there are any programs that you want added to the database or have any questions/concerns please email me at I hope you all will receive a lot of use from of this resource. In addition, similarly in the past, I will also highlight specific opportunities that would be to your benefit through email.


Research Database


Now that our regional conference has passed, I hope some of you are thinking about the national conference, AMEC! Presenting at a national conference is a HUGE deal and this is the exact event that you all should take advantage of! Especially those who participated in the research forum at RMEC, you had great practice on the regional level and now it is time to take it to a national level! The deadline to submit an abstract is February 7th!