SNMA Presents: The Lounge
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The student lounge, the doctor's lounge, lounging at home—we got you.



Welcome to SNMA presents: The Lounge , the Student National Medical Association’s new podcast! The Lounge is a space for SNMA to deliver on its mission through conversations, collaborations, and engagement on topics ranging from the social to the political and the personal. Join the discussion the first Friday of every month!

Premiering July 3rd, 2020!


Hosted by Student Doctors Aldwin Soumare, Erica Dingle, and Isabella Ntigbu.



#stillProtesting | Episode 1 | July 3, 2020

It's our first episode, and we came to shake the table. #BLM, 'Rona, mentorship in medicine, & LGBTQIA+ healthcare.


Dr. Dale Okorodudu, Founder of Black Men in White Coats, Podcast Sponsor

Dr. Gilbert Gonzales, Assistant Professor, Center for Medicine, Health and Society at Vanderbilt University

Dr. Isaiah Cochran, Immediate Past President of AMSA, Family Resident Physician at Halifax Health

#stillQuarantined | Episode 2 | August 7, 2020

COVID just won't let us be great...or is it us? Civil Rights legends, traveling during a pandemic, Back to School?, America being America


COVID-19 and the Black Community | August 21, 2020

Guest: Dr. Aletha Maybank, Chief Health Equity Officer of the American Medical Association


#stillProfessional | Episode 3 | September 4, 2020

What exactly is professionalism and why are underrepresented minorities more harshly policed? Dating as a medical student, Sickle Cell Awareness Month, Vice Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris, and black hair in the hospital.


The Weaponization of Professionalism on the Black Doctor | September 24, 2020

Guest: Dr. Magdala Chery, Commonwealth Fund Fellow, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health


Episode 4 | October 9, 2020

Coming soon!

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